Why Will Solicitors Should Be Your Top Choice

There are several ways to complete your Will, including doing it yourself, and using a free Will writing service. For simple Wills, these are reasonably effective, although proper thought should be given to whether you have all the information you need. However, if you have a complex family situation, run your own business, or have property, particularly property abroad, then the services of Will solicitors become essential.

The cost of writing your Will depends on the complexity of your affairs, so it is important that you are clear about this during your first meeting with your chosen Will writing solicitor. You should check whether any quote you are given includes VAT, and approach several Will writing solicitors to get the best possible price for your needs. One of the main reasons to consider using a solicitor is that they are able to provide information, guidance and support on a range of financial issues. This includes overseas assets such as holiday homes, your business if it is expected to form part of your estate, inheritance tax and different family situations, and possibly whether you have a Lasting Power of Attorney already in place. This can save you from a great deal of heartache and stress further down the line if family members chose to dispute your provisions while you are still alive. It also supports those named in the Will should anyone question your wishes after you have gone. You will be able to save yourself some money, and time, if you go to the solicitor with a good idea of what you want to do with your money and assets. If you know who you want to leave everything to, then the Will solicitors have a base from which to work.

Another reason to use local solicitors for making a will, is that they are regulated. If you experience any difficulties with the solicitor, you have a complaints procedure to fall back on, and legal rights, should they be needed. A solicitor also has much more experience of writing Wills than you do, this means there is much less likelihood of there being mistakes in the completed Will. Something as simple as forgetting to get your Will witnessed could mean it is invalid, and could cause a lot of trouble for your intended beneficiaries. When your Will is completed by a solicitor, it is usually then also stored safely with that solicitor. This reduces the risk of it being accidently destroyed, or lost over time. While using a solicitor for Will making is the preferable course of action, it is important that you choose the right one for the task. A solicitor Will writing service should be able to explain all your options to you, and do so in a way that makes them easy to understand. They should be able to give confidential advice that puts your best interests first. Finally, they should create a Will that meets with your instructions.

Choosing between the many good Will solicitors doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by asking friends and family for recommendations. Check the websites of those you are considering and look carefully at the experiences of previous clients. While cost is going to play a part in your decision, don’t let it be the main reason for your decision.

Mark Riley

Mark Riley is a specialist lawyer offering services including Wills, Estates Administration and Tax planning. Mark has studied around the world, including a few years in Australia. Whilst there he met many amazing and inspirational lawyers. He worked with a small boutique family firm, who’s approach was so laid back and friendly it “felt right”. He decided to bring that approach home where he hopes to continue with this ethos.
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