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Understanding The Police Caution Plus 3 Interview

Are you facing a Police Caution Plus 3 interview and unsure what it means for you? This process involves participating in a voluntary police interview, understanding your right to free legal advice, and the option to leave at any point. ...
Financial Fraud Explained

Financial Fraud Explained

Financial fraud can occur through different means, including identity theft and property fraud, and it’s a crime that’s increasing at an alarming rate. While stats show that it’s overtaken other crime rates over the last couple of years, many people ...
What’s On Your Bucket List

What’s On Your Bucket List?

We all have different things that we’d like to do or see before we die, but being arrested is not usually high on most people’s bucket list !! However, it was recently reported that a 99 year old grandmother from ...
Heroin Being Given To Drug Addicts By Police

Heroin Being Given To Drug Addicts By Police

In a new scheme being trialed by Durham Police, heroin will be provided to heroin addicts in "shooting galleries", in an attempt to tackle drug-related crime in the area. Durham will be the first Police Force in the country to ...