What’s On Your Bucket List?

We all have different things that we’d like to do or see before we die, but being arrested is not usually high on most people’s bucket list !!

However, it was recently reported that a 99 year old grandmother from Holland confided in her niece that she wanted to be arrested before she died. The Grandmother, known only as Annie, was ticking off items on her bucket list and she still hadn’t achieved her ambition of being arrested. She confided in her family that she always wanted to know what it would be like to be arrested and held in a police cell.

Annie’s niece was reporting a crime and told the police officer about Annie’s bucket list. A police officer said :”Her niece came to us with this request. You get many unusual requests with this profession. We thought it would be nice to do something special for Annie.” And so, although Grandma Annie did not commit any crime, the police “arrested” her and was allowed to sit in a police cell for as long as she liked.

As you can see a happy Annie was pictured grinning as she was handcuffed and lead into a cell. And she proudly held her handcuffs up for everyone to see. Here at MJR Solicitors we are always available to help those that need it most, but as always, should you have any questions or just wish to know more then please get in touch.

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Mark Riley

Mark Riley is a specialist lawyer offering services including Wills, Estates Administration and Tax planning. Mark has studied around the world, including a few years in Australia. Whilst there he met many amazing and inspirational lawyers. He worked with a small boutique family firm, who’s approach was so laid back and friendly it “felt right”. He decided to bring that approach home where he hopes to continue with this ethos.
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