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At MJR Solicitors we will help you achieve what you need without the legal jargon. Our experienced team provide expert legal advice on wills and estate planning, estate administration, lasting powers of attorney and dispute resolution. We conduct defence work, actively and decisively defending people who have had false allegations made against them.

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Section 49 RIPA Notice: What You Need To Know

Have you received a Section 49 RIPA notice? Knowing your rights and obligations is essential. This guide breaks down the authority behind these notices when they’re issued and your next steps—including the necessity for legal advice. Navigate the legal landscape ...

Consequences Of Breaching Bail Conditions

Key Takeaways Breaching police bail conditions is a grave offence that can lead to immediate arrest and have a detrimental effect on both ongoing legal proceedings and future interactions with the criminal justice system. A breach of bail conditions can ...
What Are The Benefits Of Discretionary Will Trusts

When To Appoint A Professional To Be Your Attorney For Your Lasting Power Of Attorney

Appointing a professional as your attorney for your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a personal decision and depends on various factors. An LPA is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf ...

Understanding The Police Caution Plus 3 Interview

Are you facing a Police Caution Plus 3 interview and unsure what it means for you? This process involves participating in a voluntary police interview, understanding your right to free legal advice, and the option to leave at any point. ...

How A Property Trust Will Can Protect The Value Of Your Home

It's not something most people think about, but it's essential to write a Will and preserve your wealth for your family's future after your death. Among other steps you can take, you should ensure your home is handled according to ...
Probate and Estate Administration

A Guide To Placing Deceased Estates Notices In The Gazette

If you are an executor or administrator of a Will, you are responsible for dealing with any claims against the estate. After you receive a grant of probate, Section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925 recommends that you place something called ...
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