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Making a Will might seem like something you can keep putting off, particularly if you’re young. But making your Will is important, no matter what type it is or when you write it. You get to control what happens to your estate after your death and it can save stress and worry at a difficult time for the loved ones you leave behind. So, with it being a quick and easy option, should you look to make a Will online?

3 questions to ask before you use an online Will writing service

When it comes to legal paperwork, a Will is one of the most common types you’ll come across. While it can be as straightforward or as complex as you want or need it to be, the price you pay to have it done with a qualified solicitor can vary accordingly – anywhere from £100 up to £1,000 or more. 

If all you need is a quick, simple, and straightforward Will, making a Will online can certainly save you time and money. But is your life is as simple and straightforward as the Will you want to make? The chances are, it probably won’t be. If you still think it is, here are three questions you should ask yourself to make sure.

Do you have a complicated family situation?

If you’re young, free, and single (or even in a marriage or partnership without children), it means your life will typically have fewer complications overall. It’s also likely you’ll have fewer assets and less money tied up in any pensions, savings, or property.

If you fall into this category, it’s still important to have a Will and making a Will online could work well for you. It could even be beneficial in terms of cost thanks to the simplicity of your lifestyle, your lack of assets, and that you might be child-free. 

But, if you’re older, perhaps married with several children and even more grandchildren, and with numerous financial and property assets, then things tend to get a bit more tricky. Having an extended family, especially over several generations, can serve its own range of complications when it comes to writing your Will. But there can also be deeper issues to deal with such as:

• Estranged siblings or offspring

• Second or more marriages with younger children 

• Stepchildren or stepgrandchildren

All these issues need to be given serious thought and consideration to avoid potential challenges, disagreements, or family feuds. Your Will needs to be worded correctly and precisely to take into account all the fine distinctions of your family situation – and your final wishes. But if your family situation is a simple one, an online Will could be a good option for you.

Are your finances in order?

Getting your financial affairs in order is one of the most important parts of the Will writing process. Coming under the ‘estate planning’ umbrella, reviewing and managing your financial affairs on a regular basis can identify how your current income and assets, and the Inheritance and Capital Gains taxes that come with them, can impact your estate after your death.

If you’re older, it’s likely you’ll have personal and property assets that have grown in value. This can mean Inheritance Tax will be added to your estate. The taxable value of the estate you leave behind can make a huge difference to your benefactors. But getting specialist estate planning will make sure they’ll receive more of what you leave behind rather than the state. 

But, again, if you’re young it’s unlikely your financial affairs will make your Will complicated, making an online Will an easier alternative.

Does your chosen Executor have the knowledge to put the wishes of your Will into effect?

Whenever you write a Will, you have to name a trusted person – an Executor – to make sure the final wishes stated in your Will are carried out. Whether your Will is simple or complicated, being an Executor is not an easy job and requires commitment and the ability to handle your affairs confidently.

If you name someone who is young or inexperienced, it could lead to complications or delays – especially if your named person doesn’t know about their responsibilities in advance. It’s often the case that a chosen Solicitor will be named as Executor as they’ll have the specialist legal probate knowledge to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

How to find a good online Will making service

Making a will is a common thing for people to do and there are plenty of ways you can do it. But because making a Will is an unregulated service, the safeguards you get when you make a Will online yourself can vary greatly. That means if something goes wrong, you’re on your own and may have to pay more to get any complications fixed.

But though Will writing itself is unregulated, if you use a professional in a regulated industry, such as a solicitor, you get the protection and peace of mind you need. Many well-known, national legal services offer online Will services that use a template-based system that you fill in, which is then checked by their solicitor.

This is a low-cost and quick option if your Will is straightforward. And it’s an online Will service MJR Solicitors offers too. With us, you have a secure system that’s available 24/7 with a full WIll pack and instructions, help and guidance at every step, and easy online payment – as well as full legal protections.

How to make a Will online

While making a Will online might differ slightly depending on who you use, they’ll all follow a fairly similar process. Here’s a rough outline of what you can expect from our online Will service and what’s involved in making a Will online:

1. You’ll answer basic, plain-English questions about your personal circumstances, what your assets are, who you want to act as your executor, who your beneficiaries will be, any special requests with your funeral arrangements, and so on.

2. Once this questionnaire is complete, our team of experienced Will and Estate Planning solicitors will read and examine your Will. They’ll then contact you with any questions or recommendations if necessary, and give you the chance to revise and review your Will again.

3. When you’re happy and your Will is approved, it will become a legally binding document that needs to be printed and signed by you with two independent witnesses.

Make your Will online with MJR Solicitors

Our online WIll making service is a quick, easy, and affordable way to get a Will that works for you and your chosen beneficiaries. But MJR Solicitors are also experienced in estate planning and writing Wills that are more complicated and need specialist advice. 
So if you think the answer to our three questions above is ‘no’, then book your free 30-minute consultation with us today by calling 01243 945 054, emailing us at info@mjrsolicitors.co.uk or by sending us a message on our contact form. We’ll get the ball rolling and give you the help you need to get your Will in place.

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