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Fixed Fee Probate Solicitors In West Sussex

Using a solicitor for any part of the probate process and estate administration process can be expensive. Probate service can be complex and sometimes drawn out, and costs can escalate depending on what you need. This is why MJR Solicitors probate specialists like to offer fixed pricing fee assistance for every client for peace of mind.

While the term ‘fixed fee probate’ can be used in several ways, it’s important for us to explain what this means for you. Although the term is usually straightforward, sometimes it isn't always self-explanatory.

Fixed fees explained

On occasion, when we deal with matters of probate and estate administration, clients often only want or need help with certain parts of the process. This could be for MJR Solicitors legal experts to obtain the Grant of Probate for example, but not deal with the estate distribution or have any further part in the process. This would incur an agreed fixed fee that covers only the service you need, plus expenses.

In other cases, clients need our help and expertise for the entire estate administration process. In these circumstances, we can specify an hourly rate, but we’ll also offer you a fixed fee. This may be a higher rate, but will cover every part of the administrative process, including any extra fees and costs that may come to light through unforeseen circumstances.

To find out any of our standard legal service solicitors fee and protection packages in England and Wales, visit our fees page for more information.

Please note - all fees are subject to VAT at 20%

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