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When anyone is accused of a sexual offence or harassment, it’s an extreme and traumatic experience to deal with. The highly sensitive nature of any allegations revolves around a complicated, emotionally-charged, and life-changing situation. One that can never be underestimated for any individual or family affected.

If you’re facing any allegations of a sexual offence, or you’re a victim, or the parent or carer of a victim who needs help and support throughout the legal process, contact MJR Solicitors today. We’re here to talk about your case in complete confidence whenever you need us - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our expertise in dealing with difficult, sensitive and emotive case like this, has given us the ability to give every client expert legal advice, and support for individuals and their families when they need it most. Our dedication means we’ll pursue your the case until the end, always focused on getting the best possible outcome, and limiting any damage to your professional and personal reputation.


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Sexual Offences

The term ‘sexual offences’ covers a wide range of crimes and are perhaps the worst offences you can be accused of. They include any physical, non-consensual crimes, crimes against children, and crimes that take advantage of a person for any sexual purpose, either in person or online.

This type of crime can happen between anyone - strangers, friends, acquaintances, family members, or current or previous partners. The length of time between the offence and the prosecution doesn’t have a bearing on whether a case is successful, so we can represent you at any stage whether the allegations are historic or not.

With such high profile allegations, getting your legal team together quickly can make all the difference. MJR Solicitors will defend you on any sexual offence charge or allegation, working with you to fully understand your account of the events and decide quickly on the best course of action for you.

Sexual Assault

The crime of sexual assault occurs when a person is pressurised or forced to engage in any sexual act against their will, or when any person, male or female, touches anyone else in a sexual way without their consent. As criminal lawyers, MJR Solicitors understand the impact and effect these allegations can have, and will act quickly to give you a robust defence.

Historic Sexual Offences

This type of case relates to allegations of sexual offences that happened in the past, usually going back many years. The offences might centre around an isolated, or multiple incidents within a professional or familial situation, or a position of trust. All our lawyers understand the challenges involved in these cases and have the experience and resolve to give effective representation.


Rape is a non-consensual sexual offence committed by a man, either upon a woman or another man. These can be complex and sensitive cases where issues of consent are often questioned, especially if the victim was intoxicated, unconscious, or if they have any mental health issues. Our specialist lawyers will listen to your side of the case and work with you for fast and effective representation.

False Rape/False Sexual Assault Allegations/False Allegations

The basis for all false allegations of rape or sexual assault is for the prosecution to prove you did commit a non-consensual sex act, rather than you having to prove your innocence. While anyone accused of false claims will undoubtedly face severe and extreme questioning, our proactive and determined lawyers will vigorously challenge any allegations made against you.

Breach of Sexual Harm Prevention Order

A Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) can be issued by the court to anyone convicted of sexual offences, and who poses a risk of further sexual harm to the general public or an individual. If the order is breached, our specialist sexual offence lawyers will use their experience to challenge any new conviction or sentence.


Sexual harassment typically falls into two groups. The first, ‘undesirable conduct based on gender’ is not necessarily sexual in nature, but includes bullying, intimidating, or humiliating behaviour towards another person. The second, ‘undesirable conduct of a sexual nature’ includes physical and verbal behaviour, with the intent to intimidate, degrade, or offend. Sexual harassment cases can be complicated and sensitive, but our legal team are experienced and can resolve any case against you quickly and effectively.

Stalking and Breach of Restraining Order

Stalking is defined by any amount of persistent or unwanted behaviour from one person to another. This can include excessive communications, sending of gifts, or watching or following from afar, and can result in a restraining order against you. If you’ve been questioned on, or accused of breaching a restraining order, our knowledge in this area will quickly help us identify any reasonable excuse to help avoid a prison sentence.

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