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Regulatory Law Solicitors In West Sussex

With extensive experience in a wide range of issues on regulatory law and compliance, MJR Solicitors can give you straight forward advice on practice and procedure, concerning both individuals and businesses, from the early stages of a hearing right through to legal proceedings.

Our expert legal defence team can advise and help you in all areas of regulatory law and compliance, including:

  • Health & Safety prosecutions
  • Professional disciplinaries
  • HMRC investigations
  • Environmental investigations
  • Trading Standards

The outcome of any investigation in these areas could result in significant fines, damage to professional reputation, and even possible imprisonment. When you or your business need expert advice on regulatory law and compliance, or you’re under suspicion or investigation for any connected offence, contact MJR Solicitors today.

Our proactive advice and intervention with any regulators will relieve a worrying and pressured situation, as well as protecting any rights and interests, taking the appropriate action to reach a successful outcome. Contact MJR Solicitors NOW! Get in touch - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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