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Freezing & Confiscation Order Appeals

Confiscation and freezing orders are provisional measures taken by the court and used regularly against anyone in the early stages of criminal investigation and immediately after conviction. But what are they and do they affect you?

Freezing orders effectively stop you from being able to dispose of, use, or move, your assets before being charged. This means any bank accounts, shares, or investments are frozen, with no money coming in or going out, prior to being charged, so will have a huge financial impact on you personally, as well as your family or business.

Confiscation orders are made after a conviction and give the relevant authorities the power to strip you of any financial benefit you might stand to gain as a result of any crime. Official Proceeds of Crime applications made by the Police to the court, give them the authorisation to seize all property and freeze any bank accounts.

These are both complicated and serious court orders and failure to comply with their terms can lead to imprisonment.

If the police are investigating you and you find yourself with a Freezing or Confiscation order being made against you, it’s vital that you get the right legal advice immediately - and MJR Solicitors are the team to help.

Time is of the essence and our lawyers will act quickly to advise on whether the order can be challenged or discharged, as well as helping you conform to any requirements in the meantime. With our experience and expertise, MJR Solicitors can give you essential and practical legal advice you need to get the best result and protect your future.

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